6 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home

6 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home
March 25, 2020 Pearl Insurance

6 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home

Tidy up after a long winter.

As warmer weather thaws the snow and ice outside, hibernation is finally coming to an end.

Springtime is a season of renewal and rebirth, but it can also come with its own perilous weather conditions. As the weather gets warmer, don’t miss an opportunity to do a little spring cleaning or maintenance to make sure your house is in order for the new season.

Check out these six easy ways to tidy up your home this spring.

1. Clean out the dryer lint hose.

Unfortunately, your dryer’s lint trap doesn’t catch every little bit of lint. With frequent use, your dryer’s lint hose can become packed with pieces of lint that made it past the trap. This nuisance can sometimes require homeowners to run a load through the dryer twice. Plus, that excess lint, combined with the heat from the dryer, can lead to a house fire.

Your dryer’s lint hose only needs to be cleaned out once every year, and what better time than spring to do it?

2. Clear gutters and downspouts.

Harsh winter weather can sometimes snap branches and twigs off trees, which can end up in your house’s gutters. If your gutters and downspouts are clogged and aren’t channeling water away from your house, your chances for water damage increase.

As the weather warms up, take a ladder outside and scoop out any sticks or other debris that could impede the flow of water through your gutters.

3. Prep your lawn equipment.

Is your lawn mower in working order? You don’t want to bring it out to mow for the first time this season and have mechanical problems. It’s better to check ahead of time. Old gasoline and oil can gum up your lawn mower’s motor, so if you didn’t run your tank dry before winter, you’d better check it now.

If you were proactive enough to run your gas tanks dry, be sure to fill your mower with fresh gasoline and oil. Consider getting your mower’s blade sharpened, while you’re at it.

4. Keep trees trimmed.

As mentioned above, harsh winter weather can wreak havoc on trees, but maybe not all those limbs and branches came crashing to Earth. A few branches hanging precariously can spell danger for your homeā€”all they need is just a stiff breeze.

Before that can happen, trim your trees and remove any damaged branches before they can do any harm to your home.

5. Change the air filter.

Think of all the dust that floats around your home. Now, think of all that dust getting sucked into your HVAC system. If you’ve recently changed your air filter, you shouldn’t have much to worry about. But an old air filter clogged with dust can lower the air quality in your home and make your air conditioner or furnace run extra hard. This can shorten the lifespan of your home comfort system.

Your air filters should really be changed every month. But while you’re checking off home maintenance to-dos, tackle this simple fix while you’re thinking of it.

6. Check the roof for leaks.

Remember those snapped tree limbs? Whatever didn’t land in your gutters could quite possibly have landed on your roof. Coupled with freezing winds and ice, you could be looking at missing or damaged shingles, which consequently lead to water damage in the spring.

Scan your roof for any obvious signs of wear and tear, and have any weak spots patched before rough weather rolls in. If you’re not convinced, have your roof professionally inspected for peace of mind.

What spring cleaning chores do you take on around the house? Let us know in the comments!