4 Blogs to Hone Your Law Expertise

4 Blogs to Hone Your Law Expertise
June 5, 2017 Pearl Insurance

4 Blogs to Hone Your Law Expertise

Expand your knowledge. Or just have a quick laugh.

We’ve combed the news outlets, journals, and professional (and not-so-professional) law blogs to collect the best ideas, news, and hot topics. We’ve done the legwork so you don’t have to.

From defending your reputation (don’t worry, you can still do it with pistols in Oregon) to hiring the right employees for your firm, this month’s blog roundup will keep you informed and entertained.

1. How to Respond to Negative Online Attorney Reviews

Attorney at Work

Nobody likes a bad review, whether you’re Bette Midler on Broadway, a university professor, or a hard-working attorney. “To respond or not to respond” is the question, and the Commission leans toward a “no,” but with qualifiers. If you do plan to reply, the Commission provides a list of three necessary components for a careful response and a suggested third-party review.

2. Predicting White-Collar Crime

Above the Law

Is President Trump’s cabinet a prime area for criminal investigation?

Matt Kaiser, a defense attorney at KaiserDillon, discusses the trend in using data-driven, predictive models to shed light on street crime and white-collar crime. A recent white paper based on data collected from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) concluded that high rises and wealth are predictors of white-collar crime. Really? And they needed a study to reach that conclusion, why?

3. When Should Employers Hire People Just Like Themselves?

Above the Law

What happens when everyone around you looks, thinks, and sounds just like you? Is it possible we’re unconsciously hiring clones? Beyond crushing diversity of thought, not to mention racial and socio-economic diversity, hiring like-minded individuals does not prove to be a sustainable model over the long haul. You can only talk about your alma mater so many times, so maybe save it for the holiday party instead of hiring your new junior associate because of it.

4. Dueling Still Not Advisable in Oregon

Lowering the Bar

And lastly, because we all need to be able to laugh at ourselves once in awhile, here’s the latest on mutual combat law.

Should you wish to settle a disagreement or restore your tarnished honor with a set of dueling pistols at dawn, you still can in the great state of Oregon. Just remember: At the culmination of this most gentlemanly resolution, you will either be tried as a murderer (which has not recently been contested in Oregon) or be dead. However, you might get lucky and be immortalized by an award-winning musical like Burr and Hamilton. There are pros and cons.

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