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  • Beware of Coronavirus Scams

    Beware of Coronavirus Scams

    The novel coronavirus—or COVID-19—pandemic has led to an unprecedented economic disruption at a global level. Businesses around the world are being forced into telecommunication solutions by government orders, meaning many…

    by Pearl Insurance
  • How to Pick the Right Insurance Agent for Your Business

    How to Pick the Right Insurance Agent for Your Business

    There are many qualified insurance agents and brokers who are available to you. And, unfortunately, there are also plenty of folks who have passed a licensing exam that really have…

    by Pearl Insurance
  • How to Recognize a Phishing Attack

    How to Recognize a Phishing Attack

    In a world of ransomware and data theft, phishing attacks remain one of the biggest cybersecurity threats to businesses. According to the FBI’s 2017 cybercrime report, fraudulent emails resulted in…

    by Pearl Insurance
  • 6 Worst Password Ideas You Should Avoid

    6 Worst Password Ideas You Should Avoid

    In the Mel Brooks classic Spaceballs, there's a scene where the main villain, Dark Helmet, remarks on the stupidity of using a password like "12345," remarking it's the kind of…

    by Pearl Insurance
  • How to Stay Secure on WiFi Networks

    How to Stay Secure on WiFi Networks

    Whether you're working from home or a hotel, it's important to exercise caution with wireless networks. If you are running a wireless router at home, make sure you are using WPA…

    by Pearl Insurance
  • Marijuana Legalization & the Office: Creating a Policy

    How to Create a Marijuana Policy for Your Office

    Once only theorized, marijuana legalization becomes more of a reality every year with more states passing legislation allowing for its medical and/or recreational use. To date, 11 states—and Washington, D.C.—have…

    by Pearl Insurance
  • Teamwork Needed to Fight Climate Change

    Teamwork Needed to Fight Climate Change

    Have you heard? The Earth is still in trouble. Yes, we're in the middle of unprecedented times, but the pandemic will end. And, though carbon dioxide emissions and air pollution…

    by Pearl Insurance
  • COVID-19 and Your Professional Liability Insurance Coverage

    COVID-19 and Your Professional Liability Insurance Coverage

    Conducting business has never been more fraught with questions, concerns, and ever-changing rules. As a professional, and perhaps an owner, you're probably seeking clarification and advice on how to conduct…

    by Pearl Insurance
  • 4 Signs It's Time to Look for a New Insurance Broker

    4 Sure Signs It’s Time to Look for a New Broker

    Knowing how to select a commercial broker is helpful, and we will dive into that in a separate post. But what if you already have a broker and are less…

    by Pearl Insurance
  • Coronavirus & Insurance: An FAQ for Business Owners

    Coronavirus & Insurance: An FAQ for Business Owners

    The novel coronavirus, aka COVID-19, has created widespread economic disruption at an unprecedented level across the world. As doctors, scientists, and politicians race to find a vaccine—or even simply effective…

    by Pearl Insurance
  • 7 Cybersecurity Tips for Working Remotely

    7 Cybersecurity Tips for Working Remotely

    Employees working remotely is trending upward in recent years with employers becoming more open to the concept. While having the choice of your work environment may seem like a great…

    by Pearl Insurance
  • 6-Spring-Cleaning-Tips-for-Your-Home

    6 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home

    As warmer weather thaws the snow and ice outside, hibernation is finally coming to an end. Springtime is a season of renewal and rebirth, but it can also come with…

    by Pearl Insurance
  • Meet the People of Pearl Insurance: Vicki Holcomb

    Vicki Holcomb—A Welcome Smile and a Friendly Hello

    If you've visited Pearl Insurance in Peoria Heights or contacted us by phone, you've probably had a conversation with Vicki. Vicki Holcomb is our senior switchboard operator at Pearl. "I…

    by Pearl Insurance
  • Five Overlooked Women in History

    Five Overlooked Women in History

    Today, there are still many battles we are fighting to overcome. And gender equality is still near the top. The sad truth is it took women over 100 years to…

    by Pearl Insurance
  • People of Pearl: Erika Scheirer

    Erika Scheirer—A Nurturing Heart

    Among all of the wonderful people at Pearl Insurance, some are universally recognized for their compassion and understanding. Erika Scheirer, the copywriter team lead within our marketing department, is one…

    by Pearl Insurance
  • Picking the Right Insurance Agent Could Save You Thousands

    Picking the Right Insurance Agent Could Save You Thousands

    A few years ago, a new owner of a tunnel wash operation in the Midwest had the misfortune of having a customer whose vehicle was damaged in their tunnel. At…

    by Pearl Insurance
  • Setting Your Sleep: How to Improve Sleep Quality

    Setting Your Sleep (Instead of Your Alarm)

    ZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZ. Drifting. Resting. Wandering dreamland. ZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZ. Peace. Tranquility. Sereni—BROMP BROMP BROMP BROMP BROMP

    by Pearl Insurance
  • What Your Office Dress Code Says About You

    Is Dress For Success a Thing of the Past?

    It's 2020 and more and more companies are deciding they don't need or want to tell adults how to dress. A new wave of "dress for your day" initiatives were…

    by Pearl Insurance
  • The Ultimate Debate: The Origins of Valentine's Day

    The Ultimate Debate: The Origins of Valentine’s Day

    The history of Valentine's Day is pretty muddy. Many believe Valentine's Day was created solely to drive sales for cards, flowers, and gifts—a so-called Hallmark creation. Some claim its roots…

    by Pearl Insurance
  • Experience: The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

    Tired of Giving Boring Gifts? Try an Experience Instead.

    Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and it’s no secret that most are scrambling to find the perfect gift for their sweetie. Not to scare you, but nationwide, $9.5…

    by Pearl Insurance
  • Learn How to Remember Names

    5 Simple Tips to Remember the Names of Everyone You Meet

    You've just started a new job. Your boss takes you around to meet the team. One by one, she introduces you to your new co-workers. And one by one, you…

    by Pearl Insurance
  • Jake Pearl, It Takes a Team

    Jake Pearl inherited more from his grandfather than the family name and legacy. He exhibits the same drive his grandfather, Jack Pearl, exercised over 65 years ago when he began…

    by Pearl Insurance
  • Michele's Floral Events & Decorative Accessories

    Floral Designs Inspired by a Deep Love of the Natural World

    Michele Birkner, owner of Michele's Floral Events & Decorative Accessories, credits her success to the influence of her parents. "My mother was creative and artistic, and my dad worked hard…

    by Pearl Insurance
  • Christi Monroe, Pearl Insurance

    Christi Monroe, Our Favorite Morale Booster

    "I wear a lot of hats in my department," says Christi, "but I take den mother and chief optimist seriously!" Among her coworkers, Christi is the one who makes sure…

    by Pearl Insurance
  • image

    5 Ways to Stay Happy This Winter

    We're still over a month away from the true first day of winter. But in the Midwest, we've already experienced two heavy snow falls (the first on Halloween!) and record-breaking…

    by Pearl Insurance
  • Corey Smith, Pearl Insurance

    Meet Corey Smith: The King of Halloween

    Our offices are filled with a host of wild and wonderful characters. And while they all shine brightly year-round, sometimes—like a man howling at the full moon as lycanthropy courses…

    by Pearl Insurance
  • image

    These 6 Facts About Smiling May Surprise You

    Have you ever thought about the difference a smile can make—to yourself and to others? According to Mother Teresa, "We shall never know all the good that a simple smile…

    by Pearl Insurance
  • image

    How to Meal Prep: A Simple Guide for Beginners

    Meal prep saves money, saves time, reduces stress, and contributes to a healthy, balanced diet. But if you've never done it, this beneficial habit can seem intimidating and overwhelming. Up…

    by Pearl Insurance
  • image

    Simple and Inexpensive Ways to Recognize Employees

    What if you held the power to increase your company's productivity without spending a dime? Pish posh! That seems impossible. Actually, it's far from impossible, and it's quite simple. We…

    by Pearl Insurance
  • Peoria Heights, Ill., water tower

    How a Water Tower Floods Us with Creativity

    Here at Pearl Insurance, we pride ourselves on thinking outside the box. The ability to examine problems and processes through an unconventional lens has been central to our philosophy ever…

    by Pearl Insurance