Don’t Leave the Dock Without It

Don’t Leave the Dock Without It
April 30, 2021 Pearl Insurance
Don't Leave the Dock Without It

Don’t Leave the Dock Without It

The temperatures are warming and the water looks inviting! Spring is in the air, and boats are everywhere.

If you’re considering buying a boat, or putting a boat on the water without insurance, this is a must-read for you.

Operating a boat on a lake, river, or even the local creek is a major liability hazard. You are putting your personal assets, your safety, and other fellow boating enthusiasts on the water at risk with every ride in the sunshine.

According to the American Boating Association, there were 7,740 boating accidents in 2020 alone— causing thousands of injuries and hundreds of deaths. In addition, property damage is reaching into the millions of dollars.

You may be an experienced skipper, but accidents can happen for a variety of reasons, regardless of experience. And there are just some things that are not under your control when you’re on the water.

Securing boat insurance, or making sure your current policy offers the coverage you need, can help protect you from these common hazards:

  • Striking a submerged log or tree that damages the underside of your boat
  • Hitting another boat, or causing injury to a kayaker or canoer
  • Pulling in too quickly to a pier and causing damage to other docked boats, the pier, or individuals on the pier
  • Spilling fuel into the water after a serious accident causing an environmental threat to marine life (you could be sued for clean-up expenses)
  • An uninsured boater who causes damage to your boat and injuries to your passengers

Check out these tips to ensure your outing on the water is safe. Read safety guidelines.

An incident on the water could be devastating to your finances. Following safety guidelines and securing a reliable, comprehensive insurance policy can help ensure your casting off smoothly.

You can get dependable coverage at an affordable price, along with knowledgeable support from a Pearl Insurance agent who can help you navigate your policy. Call us today, and then hit the open water with greater peace of mind.

James Blundell, Sales Manager, AAI, CPIA

James Blundell, Sales Manager, AAI, CPIA
Pearl Insurance