How to Sell Historic Homes

How to Sell Historic Homes
September 6, 2017 Pearl Insurance

How to Sell Historic Homes

Let the years tell a story.

Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “We are not makers of history. We are made by history.” Perhaps this is why historic homes hold a special place in many hearts. The genuine character and stories that form a home can’t easily be recreated, and they helped to form the very basis of our lives today.

Though for some it’s an easy match, historic houses can be difficult to sell. An aging property naturally comes with a few downfalls, such as outdated furnishings, creaky floorboards, or rotting wood.

But when you look past these flaws, there’s something remarkable about living in a home that tells a story. If you’re in the historic home market or you’re wanting to move into that specialty, here are some tips for you.

Tell a Story

Most historic homes have a story, and telling that story will likely increase the buyer’s interest in the home. Track down as much as you can about the home’s history. Create a backstory, and explain what makes it so unique. Though tracing the history of a home may present some challenges, it can be done and may be worth it if the house has been sitting idly on the market.


If the inside of the home doesn’t look desirable or feels outdated, staging is important. Show its true potential by highlighting some of the unique features that give the home character.

Though charm can be a matter of personal opinion, try to include a tasteful balance between vintage and modern. The home itself should bring forth character, while the furnishings and decorations can provide more of a modern and stylish appeal.


Though baby boomers may seem like the logical target audience for historic homes, don’t forget about the largest living generation: millennials. Older homes tend to be more affordable, which places pretty high on a millennial’s priority list, along with their appreciation for historical architecture.

As you’re promoting your listings, don’t forget about this key group. Younger buyers have a prominent social media presence. In fact, 76% of Facebook users check their pages daily, which is great news for you. Promote your historic home listings on social media, including clear photos that highlight the character of the home.

Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

Though architecture and charm are major benefits in the eyes of a history buff, older homes aren’t always easy to sell. But with the right touch and a little love, historic homes can fly off your listings.

Have you had success selling historic homes? What’s your secret? Share your tips in the comments below.

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