Scott Simons—An Attitude of Gratitude

Scott Simons—An Attitude of Gratitude
February 3, 2021 Pearl Insurance
Scott Simons—An Attitude of Gratitude

Scott Simons—An Attitude of Gratitude

Growing up, Scott Simons never imagined working in insurance. What started as a part-time job to make a little extra cash in college turned into a 14-year (and counting!) career in the industry. Today, Scott is the life and health sales manager at Pearl and loves his job. “I enjoy the talented people I work with, and I love that everyday poses new challenges and pushes me to grow professionally,” he says.

Early Dreams

When Scott was a child, he hoped to one day become an elevator operator. “I always liked pressing the buttons in the elevator when I was a little kid,” Scott laughs. “I was devastated when my mom told me it was no longer a common career.”

In college, Scott had dreams of living in a big city in Spain and working a corporate job, but he ended up taking a different path. “A dear friend of mine in college worked part-time at State Farm in the sales call center,” Scott explains. “I was in the market for making a little extra money, so I applied and was hired for a part-time position my junior year of college.” After graduating, Scott stayed on at State Farm. “I worked in various positions and found out I loved working with agents,” Scott says. “I ended up spending ten years at State Farm before coming to Pearl.”

The Move to Pearl Insurance

After working at State Farm for a decade, coming to Pearl was a nice change of pace for Scott. “Having come from a large company, I have enjoyed the more personalized feel of Pearl Insurance,” Scott shares. “People in other departments know each other’s names. It means a lot that the leadership sees me as a person and not a number.”

As with any job though, some days are more trying than others. When he needs motivation to push forward, Scott relies on coffee and music. “I also enjoy seeing my team succeed, even during challenging times and frustrations,” he remarks.

Work Hard. Play Hard.

Scott describes himself as a laid-back guy who likes to work hard and have fun. “Life is too short to spend any moment of it unhappy,” he says.

In 2020, he graduated with a 4.0 GPA upon earning his Master of Business Administration degree. He also holds seven professional designations: Chartered Financial Consultant, Chartered Life Underwriter, Chartered Leadership Fellow, Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter, Life Underwriting Training Council Fellow, Fellow–Life Management Institute, and Fellow–Financial Services Institute. “I have no desire to play the game of being better than anyone,” he remarks. “I am simply trying to be better than I was yesterday.”

As for having fun, Scott makes time for hobbies he enjoys, like shooting pool. “I’m an avid pool player and have been known to shoot in a couple of leagues,” he shares. As it turns out, Scott doesn’t just enjoy playing pool; he’s actually really good at it. In 2017, he won an Illinois State 8-Ball Invitational. “It was a tournament of over 100 shooters,” explains Scott. “That same year, I had the opportunity to shoot in the World Championships in Las Vegas, where I placed 128th in a field of over 500 players. I ‘retired’ shortly after to focus my attention on being a dad and going back to school.”

Scott also has an appreciation for travel and especially loves visiting Spain. “I lived in Spain for six months and have had the opportunity to return many times to visit friends,” Scott says. “I hope to return some day with my son so he can experience the magic of, and my love for, Madrid.”

Family Matters

Scott lives in Bloomington with his husband of 11 years, Eric, his three-year-old son, Parker, his 12-year-old lab mix rescue, Max, and his six-year-old mixed breed rescue, Lucy-Fur.

For Scott, being a dad means everything. “Of all my experiences, nothing beats being a dad,” Scott shares. “My son is the joy of my life, and I love watching him grow and learn and experience new things. There is no better job title than that of “Daddy.”

An Attitude of Gratitude

Though Scott’s dreams of becoming an elevator operator and living and working in Spain didn’t pan out, he is grateful for the life he’s living. “I am truly thankful every day for my blessed life,” he expresses.

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