Heather Guillory—Exemplary Service with a Dash of Sparkle

Heather Guillory—Exemplary Service with a Dash of Sparkle
January 20, 2021 Pearl Insurance
Heather Guillory—Exemplary Service with a Dash of Sparkle

Heather Guillory—Exemplary Service with a Dash of Sparkle

If you’ve worked with Heather Guillory, you know she offers the utmost in service. Maybe you’re even among those who call her “Hill” (more on that later). As a member of Pearl’s Chairman’s Club for the past two years, Heather has been recognized by leadership for her exemplary service.


A client relations account representative, Heather works with current insureds and is responsible for maintaining premiums for the accounts she handles. Heather specializes in errors and omissions (E&O) insurance for real estate professionals in 13 states on the East Coast.

“The client relations department is a cross between sales and customer service,” Heather explains. “We are responsible for developing relationships with our clients as their go-to person. That means assisting with their renewals and helping them with anything else they might need during the year.”

Her team handles a variety of tasks, including answering questions about coverage, directing on how to file claims, helping to obtain certificates of insurance for their clients, changing ownership of companies, and advising on what to do when they retire or close their business.

“Each month, I handle close to 300 accounts. My goal is to take care of our clients so there is no question about renewing their policy when the time comes.”

That’s how she qualified for Chairman’s Club. “In the past two years, I not only met my goals by retaining the policies that were assigned to me but exceeded them as well.” Way to go, Heather!


“I love my colleagues,” Heather says. “Many have become close friends. I also love the culture at Pearl. Though I no longer work at the Peoria Heights office, I always enjoyed the ways the team made work more fun—from sales competitions to theme days and fundraisers. I also loved seeing our company’s leadership in the halls and being on a first-name basis with them.”

Heather spoke of “a few fun runs with other Pearl girls,” including her dear friend and coworker, Christy Habel. “One of the hardest things about working from home and COVID is missing those ladies and our workouts together. Funny story—I told a few friends there was a girl who sat on an exercise ball who worked in the row near me, and she was always dressed so cool. I knew I wanted to be her friend! So, one day I just walked over to her cube and said, ‘Hi, I’m Heather and I like your outfit. I feel like I want to be your friend.’ And now Christy is still a great friend and gives the best advice.”

Heather loves her friends. Remember the nickname “Hill”? She tells the story: “It’s such a joke within our team and my friends. I think it started when a high school teacher read or heard my name and called me ‘Hillary.’ My last name is pronounced like Hillary, but with a G, so it seems some people read my name as Hillary. It became such a joke that my best friend nicknamed me ‘Hill.’ Even today, the team regularly gets calls asking for ‘Hillary,’ and customers frequently address me as Hillary in my emails.”

Heather adds that Pearl Companies truly cares for the employees and community. “That was especially evident this past year as we navigated through the pandemic. I experienced their care personally when I relocated to Ottawa and was offered the opportunity to work with Pearl remotely from my new hometown.”


Heather also enjoys several hobbies with her fiancé, Cody. “We love wine tasting, crime documentaries, taking rides in the Jeep, hanging out at our pool, taking beach vacations, visiting Starved Rock, and attending concerts. More than anything, I’m really looking forward to the day I can stand packed in a crowd and get a drink spilled on me by a stranger listening to live music.”

Heather moved to Ottawa a year ago to be with her fiancé in his hometown. They purchased a home in the historical district there. “Cody surprised me with a proposal on Halloween when we were dressed as Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf—perfect, because I love Halloween. We adopted our fur babies as kittens two years ago. They were born in October and are named Binx and Salem after the movie ‘Hocus Pocus.’ That’s more evidence of my love for Halloween!”

Heather lives by two mottos: “Never let anyone dull your sparkle,” and “Life is too short—buy the shoes.”

How about you—what’s your motto? Share yours in the comments below!