Brad Smith—Mastering the Machine

Brad Smith—Mastering the Machine
December 16, 2020 Pearl Insurance
Brad Smith—Mastering the Machine

Brad Smith—Mastering the Machine

Though many of our employees specialize in one area of work and stick to it, there are a few people of Pearl who work different jobs throughout their career… enriching every department they pass through along the way.

Brad Smith—currently an all-star underwriter—is one such person.

But what drives Brad’s passion for job mobility and skill set diversification? Let’s find out!

Hometown Talent

Born and raised in the same city Pearl is headquartered in—Peoria, IL—Brad was an active guy growing up. During high school, he played football and ran track… but upon graduating, he turned his sights to broadcasting.

Several years and one college broadcasting degree later, Brad began a career that took many twists and turns. From being a radio DJ to managing property to working in the transportation field, his resume is about as eclectic as they come.

All of these various job experiences taught Brad what he did (and didn’t!) want out of a career. He joined Pearl Insurance about 12 years ago and hasn’t looked back since.

Finding His Pearl Passion

Brad originally decided to apply for a job at Pearl for one primary reason. As he puts it, “I got into insurance because I liked the stability of the field.”

But it didn’t take long for him to dive head-first into this unfamiliar industry. In fact, Brad made it a mission to understand as many aspects of the company as he could.

Pearl’s flexibility in giving him opportunities across various departments over the years is one of the things Brad loves most about working here.

“I like that Pearl allows you to move within the company. In my 12 years here, I’ve worn many hats and worked in many different departments,” he said.

And the reason Brad is so adamant about exploring as many facets of the company as possible? Though he enjoys getting different experiences and learning new skills, his motivation goes even deeper.

“It’s interesting to see my contributions fit into the machine that is Pearl Insurance,” Brad muses. “Working in many different departments over the years has taught me how important each part is in making the machine run. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own jobs that we don’t get to see the big picture, but my experiences at Pearl have allowed me to see the machine from all sides.”

Lady luck? No such thing!

When he’s not peering beyond the veil to analyze the inner workings of the insurance industry, you might find Brad prepping his playlist for the days ahead… on his MP3 player.

“I am one of a small handful of people who actually still uses an MP3 player,” says Brad. “Every so many weeks I change up the albums I have downloaded, which helps get me through each day.”

His love of music extends to live concerts, too. He makes a point to go to as many as he can (though obviously that has been put on hold during the pandemic).

But no matter what he’s doing—be it listening to music or learning a new skill at work—Brad is always ready to seize the moment.

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity,” he says. And given the amount of opportunities Brad has capitalized on throughout his life, it’s safe to say he’s an expert at creating his own luck.