Tracey Blumenshine—Going with the Flow

Tracey Blumenshine—Going with the Flow
November 18, 2020 Pearl Insurance
Tracey Blumenshine—Going with the Flow

Tracey Blumenshine—Going with the Flow

For Tracey Blumenshine, her team and family—sprinkled with laughter and love—keep her going.

As Business Insurance Operations Supervisor, Tracey oversees a team of service center technicians at Pearl’s Peoria Heights office.

How She Serves

Tracey and her team process applications for all business insurance lines (BIL) and issue policies for all program carriers for the realtors’, engineers’, lawyers’, and accountants’ professional liability. They also process all certificates of insurance and identification cards. So, Tracey is kept busy ensuring service level agreements are being upheld while efficiency and accuracy are being maintained.

“You might call me an IT ticket queen too,” Tracey laughs. “I submit many tickets pertaining to system-related issues and work closely with IT to resolve them.”

Tracey also helps to implement procedures and maintain proper workflow between BIL departments. “I’m consistently involved in process and system improvements.”

And Tracey loves her job. “Every day is a different day. My job is fast-paced and never boring; I am constantly kept busy with not only my team’s questions, but also those from other departments. Special projects keep me busy, too.”

What Sustains Her

Tracey’s team—and laughter—helps keep her going during work hours. “They are a crazy bunch of people to work with. They all have their own unique personalities that contribute to this eclectic group of super hard-working and caring individuals.”

And they make each other laugh… a lot. “We need to laugh because there are times when things in the department can be stressful because we touch every aspect of professional liability insurance at Pearl. Any system-related change or issue will almost always affect my team in some way, shape, or form. So, being able to laugh at the extremes keeps us all going strong.”

But Tracey might need more than a sprinkle of laughter. She often says, “If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry.” That’s because anyone who knows her story knows it’s been an interesting ride. “The way I look at it: Sometimes it’s just so silly and outrageously ridiculous, you can’t do anything but laugh. But if you think too hard, you might cry. So, I might as well just laugh.”

Tracey has been an employee at Pearl for about 9 years. “I cannot begin to describe how much this company has been there for me on a personal and professional level. Pearl has been my employer through getting married, becoming a mom, and then discovering my son is a special-needs kiddo with delays and a compromised immune system.”

In her early days at Pearl, Tracey worked in sales and then moved to the service center. Pearl supported her decision to make her family a priority during her son’s early development. “Pearl has been extremely flexible. I have felt very blessed at the kindness I’ve received from everyone in this company—from my friends, peers, team, HR, and management. This company has a community of people who care. Knowing and experiencing that has helped me through some rather interesting life challenges.”

What Motivates Her

There’s no question that Tracey’s family is one of her greatest sources of motivation. “I love spending time with my family, whether dancing to music, watching TV, taking walks, or playing outside.”

Tracey and her husband, Brian, live with their six-year-old son, Sam, in East Peoria. “Every Friday since my son was two, we have a pizza and movie night. It’s a tradition we’ve tried to keep every weekend. We are a goofy little family who tries to have fun as much as we can.” They also have a Schnoodle named Chloe.

“Our dog has enjoyed having us home during COVID as she’s a bit anxious. You can typically find her lying on the floor next to my desk as I go through my day. And being home with Sam more has been great for us. He’s one awesome kid. He’s so funny and laughs loudly. The simplest things amuse him, and his favorite thing in the world is to watch trees and their shadows. He’s enamored with rain, wind, and snow and how it affects the trees. He teaches me daily about the art of resilience and taking time to enjoy the simple things.”

And what about you? Share what keeps you going in the comments below!