Cheryl Staller – A Balanced Approach

Cheryl Staller – A Balanced Approach
November 4, 2020 Pearl Insurance
Cheryl Staller – A Balanced Approach

Cheryl Staller – A Balanced Approach

The Numbers Don’t Lie

When her high school accounting teacher told Cheryl Staller she should go into accounting, Cheryl scoffed and thought, no way! After getting her degree in business management and working in several industries, Cheryl eventually realized her teacher may have had a point.

Years later, Cheryl now works at Pearl as a junior corporate accountant, and despite her initial drawback to the idea of accounting, Cheryl thoroughly enjoys her line of work.

“I love balancing bank reconciliations and balance sheet reconciliations. The analysis and research to find what is throwing off a balance or understanding what makes up the balance in an account is really where I find my bliss in work.”

Cheryl loves that her job contributes to the bigger picture at Pearl, and she thrives on the satisfaction of knowing she presents solid solutions for the company.

“With accounting, numbers don’t lie. You can present the facts and help make business decisions for future endeavors as well as help present a true snapshot of how the business is doing. I really like knowing the work I do matters to the Pearl business as a whole.”

Life at Home

Cheryl always looks forward to coming home to her husband and pets. Cheryl met her husband in 2014, and after many game nights, Chiefs baseball games, and concerts together, they married in 2018.

“He is my best friend and partner in all of life’s adventures. We made a point in our vows to say, ‘I choose you to be my wife/husband’ rather than ‘I take you to be my wife/husband.’ Life is full of choices and options but at the end of the day, we will always choose each other.”

Cheryl’s pets are another core part of her home life. They include Heinz, a nine-year-old dachshund and Sway, an eight-year-old Maine Coon.

“I am a very proud fur-mommy. At the end of the day, returning home to my furry loves makes my heart very happy.”

Cheryl is also close with her extended family, which includes blood relatives and “bonus” family members who have been lovingly “adopted” into the family (she even drew her husband a family tree to help him keep track).

She looks forward to the days post-COVID when her extended family can gather again for holidays and “Cuzzin Parties,” which “started as the after party at a family reunion with the ‘younger’ family members sticking around after.”

Getting Out and Giving Back

Cheryl has a saying, “be a tourist in your own town,” and that mentality helps her and her husband stay active and reconnect outdoors during quarantine. They explore more socially distanced hiking trails and enjoy getting some miles in while taking photos with their new drone.

“It’s helped reframe my mindset during the difficult mental health challenges COVID has presented. We have a few lakes and ponds around that you’d drive by without a second glance, but when you see them from the drone POV, they’re breathtaking.”

When she’s not on the trails, you may find Cheryl reading (she shoots to read 52 books a year), writing, gardening, singing, cross-stitching, baking, cooking, and tackling home improvement projects.

Cheryl also prioritizes volunteering in her community. “I’ve been volunteering in one shape or form since I was a kid. The last three years I’ve worked with the Pearl Charity Committee (as a member and chair in 2019), FamilyCore Food Bank, and the Washington Weekend SnackPac.”

Amid the fullness of life from working, home life, and volunteering, Cheryl takes each day with a flexible and adaptive mindset. “While I like things balanced—making lists and schedules—I also enjoy the challenge that changes present.”