Saurabh Shah—Family Keeps Me Going

Saurabh Shah—Family Keeps Me Going
September 16, 2020 Pearl Insurance
People of Pearl Insurance: Saurabh Shah

Saurabh Shah—Family Keeps Me Going

If you ask Saurabh Shah—Shah to his coworkers—what gets him up in the morning and helps him stay focused at work, it’s one in the same: family.

Shah’s wife and two children bring meaning to his life. “I don’t think I could do anything without them,” he says. “They are the reason for my existence and their love and affection keep me going.”

Equally important is the sense of family Shah finds at work in Pearl’s information technology department. As an associate systems architect, Shah is responsible for the design, development, and deployment of company-wide technology systems. “Everyone shares the same mission and is dedicated to fulfilling it,” he says of his coworkers. “This truly creates a family environment where everybody is there for each other.”

Like most healthy families, Shah feels like he has a voice and is heard. “My boss listens to my ideas and the whole team works together,” he shares. “We support each other, offer creative feedback, and our ideas become reality.”

Integrating new functionality and features into existing applications, systems, and platforms is challenging, but Shah believes finding solutions and addressing client and user needs offers its own rewards. “I love being appreciated and listened to,” he says.

Taking a break from work, Shah can be found on the cricket field, logging volunteer hours, or traveling (pre-COVID). His parents and siblings live in India so visiting every few years is a must. “Staying for an extended period helps me catch up on all the family news,” he says. “I would really love to bring my little ones next time.” His kids grow so fast that sometimes even he feels like he might miss a milestone! That’s one positive about working from home, he explains. He sees more of his family.

Shah also recently rediscovered a favorite board game from his childhood. “During my last visit to India, I brought it home,” he says, “but I forgot about it!” He and his son have found something fun, and nostalgic to share.

Even in these times of stress and confusion, Shah says hope keeps him going. “I am a positive person and I believe the future will be full of good things.”