Emily Carpenter—Life Is What You Make It

Emily Carpenter—Life Is What You Make It
June 30, 2020 Pearl Insurance
Emily Carpenter—Life Is What You Make It

Emily Carpenter—Life Is What You Make It

Like many of us at Pearl, senior insurance representative Emily Carpenter didn’t grow up dreaming of working in the insurance industry. “I originally wanted to work in law enforcement,” Emily explains. “I needed to get a job out of college, so I took a position at Geico.” After getting some experience under her belt, Emily accepted a job with Pearl Insurance. “I never looked back!”

More Than Just a Job

For Emily, Pearl Insurance is more than just an employer. “Pearl is like family to me,” says Emily. “They genuinely have their employees’ best interests in mind.” Pearl has been with Emily through several major milestones in life. “I got engaged at our annual agents meeting a few years ago,” Emily recalls. “Later, my team threw me a wedding shower. Everyone brought in food and decorated my desk.”

Emily genuinely loves her work too. As a senior insurance representative, she explains plan features to customers and provides quotes from top-rated insurance companies. “I love being able to help people find the right insurance,” says Emily. “It feels amazing when you can save people money and give them better coverage.”

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Emily lives in Wilton, N.Y., with her husband Bruce, 14-month-old daughter Kylie, and two dogs, Dobby and Finley. Dobby is a chihuahua and Finley is a Boston terrier, and Kylie adores them both. “Kylie loves her ‘bobs.’ She can’t say dog yet, so she calls them ‘bobs,'” Emily laughs. “She is always hugging them. Both dogs are very patient with her.”

Right before the pandemic began in March, Emily and Bruce purchased a new home. Emily loves Wilton’s small-town vibe and its easy access to amenities. “I like living here because I am close to Target and Starbucks but away from city traffic. I am right outside of Saratoga, so there are tons of things to do here.”

Sweet Treats and Family Rivalries

In her spare time, Emily loves to bake. “I like decorating cakes, so that’s probably my favorite thing to bake. But I also like making healthy things so I don’t feel as guilty when I eat them,” Emily jokes. Aside from baking and eating tasty treats, Emily loves to spin. “It keeps me motivated and in shape,” she says.

Emily and her husband are also huge football fans. Emily roots for the Pittsburgh Steelers and her husband loves the Buffalo Bills. “On one of our first dates, we went to a Steelers-Bills NFL game,” recalls Emily. “My team crushed his!” Emily laughs.

Life Is What You Make It

Emily believes it’s possible to make the best of any situation. “Life is what you make it,” she says. That motto was recently put to the test when the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March. “Daycare was closed for three months,” Emily explains, “so I had to learn how to multi-task being a full-time mom and a full-time employee.”

Though those three months were challenging, Emily persevered. “I enjoyed the extra time I got to spend with my daughter,” she says. “It’s difficult working full-time and being a parent. I was worried I would miss out on a lot of Kylie’s firsts since she would be in daycare. Because of this time with her, I was able to witness her first real steps!”

Emily managed to excel at work during this time as well. “April was one of my best months production-wise. These last few months truly put my abilities to the test, and I’ve learned I’m a lot stronger than I thought!”