Mahita Kolli—Family Is My Prized Possession

Mahita Kolli—Family Is My Prized Possession
May 27, 2020 Pearl Insurance
Meet the People of Pearl Insurance: Mahita Kolli

Mahita Kolli—Family Is My Prized Possession

If you ask Mahita (Mahi) Kolli what makes her smile and what brings joy to her day, she has an answer quick as can be­—her family. “I know it sounds cheesy,” she says, “but my husband, daughter, and our silly dog Oreo keep my days ever bright.”

Mahi is a business analyst in our business intelligence division and has worked at Pearl for three years. Business intelligence, according to Mahi, is a fancy way to say she spends her days trying to make our customers’ interactions with Pearl the best they can be. “I’m always thinking about things from a customer perspective,” she says. “It makes me feel good at the end of the day that I improved their experience in some small way.” Mahi believes there is a genuine spirit of cooperation and shared goals at Pearl that all revolve around helping our customers. “I have not found that at other companies,” she says.

Mahi’s days are filled with a variety of tasks which makes each day like no other. “I enjoy coming to work and finding a new challenge,” she says. “It’s one of the reasons I love my job.” Mahi also appreciates the team-based culture at Pearl, which offers opportunities for every employee to get involved no matter the size or scope of a project. “You can volunteer for a Grill on Glen cooking hamburgers or request to be involved in planning company dress codes,” she says. “The positive and inclusive culture at Pearl motivates and inspires me.” Mahi firmly believes she is treated like a person and not just an employee. “Growing and developing professionally is very important at Pearl,” she says.

Mahi has been married for 12 years to Anjan, and the couple has one daughter, Udgitha, who is 6 years old. The family also has a four-legged member named Oreo, a 1-year-old labradoodle. Mahi describes her family as “passionate foodies.” One of the activities they miss most right now is cooking and hosting dinner parties for friends and family. “We are adventurous eaters,” she says. “We love to try different cuisines and different restaurants.” Peoria Heights is one of Mahi’s favorite destinations within walking distance of the Pearl offices. “I’m a repeat customer at Brienzo’s,” she says. “The chef even knows my order by heart!” The family’s other top pick of the moment is EatandEvolve at Junction City.

What do you miss most during shelter-at-home?

“Like many of you, I miss the many, many things I once took for granted. I never imagined I would not be able to clink a glass with family and friends, or hug my sweet parents, or invite people to our dining room table and soak in the beautiful noise as platters of food are passed around.”

A day off in Mahi’s book means catching a movie with her daughter and enjoying a mani-pedi spa day. “We keep a pretty busy day-to-day schedule,” she says, “so a little downtime is always appreciated!” A little further afield, the family loves to unwind at Disney. “It’s the happiest place on earth,” Mahi laughs. “We go every year to celebrate Udgitha’s birthday.”

Have you discovered (or rediscovered) any activity or hobby during shelter-at-home?

“Oh, yes–gardening! I could never find time to start a little herb garden, but this year has been different. I just put the seeds down and am keeping my fingers crossed in the hopes that Oreo keeps his nose out of it.”

Mahi is also an avid podcast listener in her free time. Some of her current favorites include: My Favorite Murder, Welcome to Parenthood, My Indian Life, and Unlocking Us. “It’s great entertainment and a good way for me to relax,” she says.

Like all of us, Mahi is waiting for daily life to loosen up a bit. “I just miss people,” she says. “I am anxious to see friends and coworkers again, laugh, take walks, and have face-to-face conversations.”