Vicki Holcomb—A Welcome Smile and a Friendly Hello

Vicki Holcomb—A Welcome Smile and a Friendly Hello
March 17, 2020 Pearl Insurance
Meet the People of Pearl Insurance: Vicki Holcomb

Vicki Holcomb—A Welcome Smile and a Friendly Hello

If you’ve visited Pearl Insurance in Peoria Heights or contacted us by phone, you’ve probably had a conversation with Vicki.

Vicki Holcomb is our senior switchboard operator at Pearl. “I love people and try to make their experience with Pearl the best it can be,” says Vicki.

She still loves what she “gets to do” even after 26 years! “The company has grown so much,” says Vicki. “And the technology we use today is light years from when I started.”

How does she possibly keep it all straight? “I’ve developed an outline alphabetized by topic,” she says, “to help me direct calls and answer questions.” According to Vicki, every call is different and often requires a sharp eye or ear.

To keep her disposition bright, Vicki has a prime spot at the main entrance of Pearl looking out to the street with trees, flowers, and green grass, depending on the season. “Our location in Peoria Heights is fabulous,” she says. “Lunch at Oliver’s in the Heights or anywhere downtown is just a short walk with some terrific window shopping along the way!”

Starting her day off right is important to Vicki. “I need to be ready for anything when I arrive at work,” says Vicki. So a cup of dark roast coffee and breakfast with her husband is just the ticket.

“I try to remember to be thankful and to count my blessings,” she says. “It helps me stay grounded and calm.” Her fellow employees keep her going throughout the day and, of course, “Pearl customers are awesome”!

Vicki, a resident of Morton, has been married for 30+ years and has three sons and one daughter. And, wait for it, 16 grandchildren! Outside of work hours, Vicki answers to “Nana.”

“Without a doubt, time with my family is the best,” she says. “Some of our favorite activities are watching lots of basketball and baseball games, cooking out, and celebrating holidays and birthdays.” Vicki loves Christmas and can’t wait to decorate the Pearl reception area for the holiday.

Vicki and her husband attend the best church on the planet, Elevate Church in Morton, where their youngest son and his wife are the pastors! “Our circle of friends at church are like a second family,” explains Vicki.

Spending your day greeting people and talking on the phone means you’re ready for a break at 5 p.m. “I just need some chill time,” says Vicki. “A bit of doing nothing and then maybe a date-night with my husband.”

For longer breaks, a weekend in St. Louis to watch the Cardinals or, a bit further afield, a white sandy beach, are Vicki’s go-to vacation spots. “I don’t really like to fly, so road trips are my thing,” she says.

According to Vicki, her life is overflowing with warmth, love, and family. She’s the perfect person to be the face and voice of Pearl.

Say hi to Vicki the next time you call!