How a Water Tower Floods Us with Creativity

How a Water Tower Floods Us with Creativity
September 25, 2019 Pearl Insurance
Peoria Heights, Ill., water tower

How a Water Tower Floods Us with Creativity

Here at Pearl Insurance, we pride ourselves on thinking outside the box. The ability to examine problems and processes through an unconventional lens has been central to our philosophy ever since the company’s founding back in 1954.

It’s no surprise then that we find great joy—and even inspiration—when we see the same out-of-the-box philosophy applied to other areas of the world.

Case in point? The water tower right across our main office’s street.

Keeping Your Head (Far) Above Water

Constructed in 1968, the iconic Peoria Heights Water and Observation Tower holds half-a-million gallons of H2O for local businesses to draw from. But if that were all it did, we wouldn’t be writing about it!

Clean water is necessary for every community, but the Heights tower offers so much more. Perched atop this 200-foot behemoth is an observation deck that overwhelms the senses with its staggering view.

On a clear day, you can see up to 20 miles in every direction. Notable landmarks to gaze upon include a 540-acre nature center, a portion of the 273-mile Illinois River, and, of course, the hustle and bustle of the vibrant village below.

An Oasis of New Perspectives

Taking an aerial view of any place is sure to spark the imagination. But there’s one more detail of the Peoria Heights Observation Tower that never fails to astound: the myriad of plaques adorning the deck’s perimeter pointing to other destinations from all across the globe.

4,063 miles this way lies London. 5,345 miles that way stands Rio De Janeiro. Most humbling of all is an arrow pointing towards Polaris—more commonly known as the North Star—which resides over 400 lightyears out into the cosmos.

Knowing where you are in relation to all of these storied locales brings your own place in the world into sharp focus. It connects you to the human experience in a tangible way and helps you realize that maybe—just maybe—there’s more to be thankful for in this life than you realize.

A Monsoon of Motivation

It’s amazing how something as unassuming as a water tower can push us to think in new ways. But when ingenuity turns an everyday object into something more, the world becomes a brighter place.

Be on the lookout for creative landmarks in your own community—maybe you’ll find inspiration, too! If you come across a hidden gem in your neck of the woods, let us know in the comments below.