Chelsie Phillips, a Vibrant Spirit

Chelsie Phillips, a Vibrant Spirit
September 5, 2019 Pearl Insurance
Chelsie Phillips, Pearl Insurance

Chelsie Phillips, a Vibrant Spirit

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone at Pearl Insurance who doesn’t know Chelsie Phillips. She’s known for her larger than life personality, great sense of humor, and infectious energy.

Those traits serve Chelsie well in her role as business development manager, which requires her to interact with people from all areas of the business, including our outside agent force.

“I love this job,” says Chelsie. “I have a great manager and a great team of people to work with.”

Diet Coke and Group Fitness: A Powerful Duo

Even someone as upbeat as Chelsie needs a pick-me-up to get through the workday.

For Chelsie, that means two Diet Cokes and a lunchtime trip to the Pearl Fitness Center, where she participates in the Pearl-sponsored Guardian Fitness group exercise classes.

“Working out is about so much more than losing weight,” says Chelsie. It gives me a much-needed mental release during the middle of my workday. And it helps improve my overall health and nutrition too.”

But don’t get it wrong—Chelsie has lost weight since beginning the Guardian Fitness program. Within the first 10 months, she lost an impressive 100 pounds and after 15 months, she had lost 135 pounds.

“I was hesitant to join,” says Chelsie. “I never enjoyed group fitness classes in the past. I worked out on my own so no one would see me. But I quickly realized the benefit of working out with others—my coworkers have been so motivating and encouraging. It’s been a great environment for me.”

Blimey! Crikey! Gee Whiz! Is Her Accent a Sham?

One of Chelsie’s more distinguishing features is her English accent, which has been a source of confusion around town.

“People often ask me if my accent is real, especially at drive-throughs.” Chelsie laughs. “They think I’m making it up.”

And her coworkers aren’t sure what to make of it either. “Recently, a colleague mistakenly assumed I was Australian!”

Adding to the confusion? Chelsie is American. She was born in Tucson, Arizona. She picked up the accent (which is, in fact, real) when she moved to England with her mom and sister at age 3.

A Move Across the Pond

Chelsie called England home for 23 years. And it’s where she met her husband, Freddie. The two decided to move to the U.S. to be closer to Chelsie’s dad and to experience a new culture.

Overall, Chelsie and Freddie love the American way of life. But, of course, there are things they miss, like English sausages, cheese, and fish and chips. Chelsie was practically salivating just at the thought of these tasty treats!

Westies, Wimbledon, and a Wee Little One

Chelsie and Freddie have a 6-year-old son, Ollie. He just started first grade and loves soccer and tennis.

Chelsie is a massive tennis fan (she’s attended Wimbledon) and is thrilled that Ollie is getting into the sport. “It makes me so happy,” she says.

Rounding out the Phillips family are two Westies, Alfie and Murphie.

Save the Sea Turtles (From Chelsie, That Is)

Chelsie loves to travel. “I grew up vacationing in Florida, so I like taking Ollie there now,” says Chelsie. Chelsie and Freddie will be visiting the Sunshine State in September for Freddie’s 40th birthday.

Chelsie’s all-time favorite vacation spot? Maui. The highlight of her last trip was swimming with sea turtles. “I’m kind of obsessed. I wanted to put one in my suitcase… but that would be illegal.” Chelsie smiles.

Chelsie has only visited Maui once, but plans on going again next year. “It’s the best place on Earth,” she says.

The Key to a Happy Life

Chelsie believes positivity is the key to a happy life.

“I try not to be negative about things, especially things that don’t directly impact my life. If it doesn’t affect me, then it’s none of my business. I think this attitude has made me a nicer person.”

What about you? Share your secret to a happy life in the comments below!