The Perfect Blend of Community and Caffeine

The Perfect Blend of Community and Caffeine
September 9, 2019 Pearl Insurance

The Perfect Blend of Community and Caffeine

Featuring Caffé Bogota

It’s no secret that our modern society runs on coffee. In your average city, you’ll find a coffee shop on just about every corner. From big-chain coffee shops to mom-and-pop cafés, it can be hard to find your niche—or even survive—in the caffeine industry these days.

But Caffé Bogota, nestled in the corner of a quaint shopping center in Peoria, Illinois, is fighting back with a unique twist on their business.

They’re reminding all of us why it’s so important to support your local businesses, because to owners Brittany Duffield, Ken Jack, and Brooke Jack, it isn’t just about selling drinks. It’s about how a simple thing like coffee can create a lasting experience that brings a community together.

So we asked Caffé Bogota: what are the secret ingredients to standing out in a town full of coffee shops? Here’s what they had to say.

Ingredient 1:  Give It a Splash of Color  

Imagine yourself sitting in a coffee shop (if you aren’t already). What do you see? Maybe an industrial, modern space with exposed brick. Or what about a cozy area with booths and lounge chairs?

Not Caffé Bogota.

Caffé Bogota is a South American-inspired retreat. This beautifully vibrant space (designed by owner Brooke Jack) is the perfect balance of spicy and sweet. It’s unlike any coffee shop around. Which is exactly what Brooke was going for when she envisioned the space.

“Sometimes, you just need to walk into a happy place,” Brooke said. “It’s bright and positive. I wanted it to be an experience when you walk through the doors. It’s more than just coming in to get a cup of coffee. It’s like a retreat, almost like you’re on vacation.”

The best part? Almost every item used to design their space was purchased from local stores—from the chairs you sit in to the art hanging on the walls. When they say to support local businesses, they mean it, and they certainly play their part in doing so!

Ingredient 2: Spike It  

There aren’t many things in this world better than coffee. That is, other than spiked coffee, of course! Caffé Bogota’s impressive spread of cocktails is the perfect after-hours treat or happy hour retreat.

Unfortunately for us, our visit was during work hours. Being the responsible adults we are, we didn’t indulge in a Whisky Cold Drip, a Nitro Brew, or a White Chocolate Raspberry Mocktee. But you can bet we will be back later with a few of our friends to do so!

We did, however, enjoy a delicious panini for lunch. That’s right—they also serve food. They keep their menu current with delicious sandwiches and salads where everything is made fresh to order.

One thing is certain… morning, afternoon, or night, Caffé Bogota has you covered.

Ingredient 3: Keep It Trendy

From edible coffee cups made of sugar cookie to espresso cones, Caffé Bogota rules nothing out. They’re doing their research to keep up with current coffee trends. Instead of sticking with the same menu items, they like to switch things up based on what their customers are asking for. They’ll make your favorites, plus some.

Have a new idea? Let them know! They are all about trying new things. Especially if it means making their customers happy.

Though Caffé Bogota is constantly keeping up with seasonal drinks and trends, there’s one thing that remains constant for this dynamic coffee shop, and that’s their supply of Lavazza.

What is Lavazza, you ask? Well, it’s decadent and rich espresso straight from Italy. In fact, they’re the only coffee shop in Peoria that offers it.

Apart from Lavazza, 70% of the coffee Caffé Bogota offers is from South America, which is where the inspiration sparked for their name: Bogota is the capital of Colombia.

 Ingredient 4: Bring People Together

Community is ultimately at the core of Caffé Bogota. From giving free coffee to police officers to offering their patio for charity events, Caffé Bogota just wants to bring people together.

“It’s more than a coffee shop. It’s an experience,” said owner Brittany Duffield. “We want people to bring their kids and their pets… to come here to relax and listen to a band play. We really want to build up our community and create a sense of comradery.”

If you’re ever in the Peoria-area, stop by Junction City to visit our friends at Caffé Bogota. We promise, you won’t be disappointed. Because when you come to Caffé Bogota, you’re ordering more than a cup of coffee. You’re ordering an experience worth savoring… one sip at a time.


What’s your favorite local coffee shop? Give them a shout out in the comments!