How to Stay Active at Your Desk Job

How to Stay Active at Your Desk Job
August 29, 2019 Pearl Insurance

How to Stay Active at Your Desk Job

It’s 8 a.m. You’ve made your coffee, settled into your workspace, fired up your computer, and begin checking things off your to-do list. Before you know it, it’s lunchtime and you haven’t moved from your desk chair once.

Does this sound familiar? In today’s digital age, it’s possible—even easy—to do everything from the comfort of your cube. But while that may sound nice in theory, it can actually be detrimental to your health.

That’s why here at Pearl, we make a concerted effort to encourage our employees to get up and get moving. Here are three workplace initiatives we’ve launched to help:

We’ve organized a bi-annual company-wide walking challenge.

The Pearl Wellness Committee launched its first walking challenge in 2017, and it has since become one of its most popular initiatives.

Walking teams use their 15-minute breaks (and lunch breaks too!) to walk the nearby recreational trail or stroll down Grandview Drive.

During our most recent eight-week challenge, our employees walked 25,518 miles—more than one full trip around the world!

If your company doesn’t currently offer a walking challenge, why not start one yourself? Begin small by asking a few of your co-workers to join you in a month-long challenge. If that goes well, extend an invitation to your team or department.

For larger groups, it may be helpful to use a digital platform like ChallengeRunner to keep track of everyone’s progress. That’s what we use at Pearl, and we love it!

We practice chair yoga.

You are so much more than your day job. You likely have passions and talents outside of work that deserve to be shown off and shared—yes, even at the office! At least, that’s what we believe here at Pearl.

So when we found out our very own Olivia Svymbersky teaches yoga at a local studio, we knew we needed to set up a Healthy Living Session for our Pearl employees. Healthy Living Sessions occur over the lunch hour and cover topics ranging from healthy lunch options to managing adrenal fatigue.

For this session, Olivia led attendees through a 20-minute chair yoga session. Participants explored breathing work and learned a yoga flow designed to bring circulation back to the body for increased energy during the workday. Sure, doing yoga at your desk may look a little silly, but believe us when we say it feels amazing!

Don’t have any yogis working at your company? No problem! There are tons of great videos and articles online that will teach you what you need to know (try this article or this video).

We offer group fitness classes.

Pearl employees can take advantage of a variety of group fitness classes taught by our certified fitness trainers. For some employees, these classes keep them energized through the afternoon slump.

Such is the case for Jill Goett, who visits the Pearl Fitness Center over her lunch hour. “It gets me through the day. If I don’t have my workout, my day drags.”

We understand an on-site gym isn’t available at all workplaces, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use your lunch hour to boost your endorphins. You could join a nearby gym, create your own outdoor workout, go for a run, or walk the stairs in your building.

It’s your turn!

At Pearl, we’ve learned that healthy, happy people make healthy, happy employees. Through our various wellness initiatives, our people have lost weight, reduced stress, and formed stronger bonds with one another.

Your company may not offer the same opportunities, and that’s okay. There are plenty of options for you to get up and get moving with your fellow co-workers without a formal initiative.

So, let us know—how do you stay active throughout the workday? What company-wide fitness initiatives does your employer offer? We’re always looking for new ways to help keep our employees healthy!