Our Top 4 Real Estate Blogs of 2017

Our Top 4 Real Estate Blogs of 2017
November 30, 2017 Pearl Insurance

Our Top 4 Real Estate Blogs of 2017

Looking back and moving forward.

2017 brought a fair share of tragedy and triumph. Whether you experienced ups, downs, or a little bit of both, your year in real estate is drawing to a close.

Let’s look back before moving forward as we dive in to our top four real estate blogs of 2017.

Blog 1: Looking Through Frosted Glass: How Trump Affects the Housing Market

We aren’t political experts, so we won’t critique Donald Trump’s performance as president. However, we did research possible ways the current commander-in-chief could affect the real estate market in 2017. Follow the link above to see if we got it right or missed the mark.

Blog 2: 4 Blogs to Boost Your Real Estate Career

Networking and knowledge sharing can make or break real estate careers. That’s why we love to cover vital industry topics from a variety of perspectives and sources.

“4 Blogs to Boost Your Real Estate Career” will help you:

  • Analyze real estate trends
  • Connect with 50% of your leads in 2 weeks
  • Evaluate digital workflows
  • Fine-tune social media practices

Blog 3: Witness the Total Eclipse of Real Estate

In this speculative story, all of Earth’s real estate agents disappear when an eclipse ends. The market gets thrown into turmoil, and strange events ensue.

We celebrated Halloween with this blog, and we also paid tribute to the positive impact real estate professionals make.

Blog 4: A Trio of Top-Notch Apps for Next-Level Realtors

The real estate industry has seen an upswing in tech-driven disruption. This trend didn’t slow down in 2017, and it won’t lose steam in the foreseeable future.

“A Trio of Top-Notch Apps for Next-Level Realtors” highlights these game-changing apps:

  • Contactually, a CRM app
  • Dotloop, a digital documentation app
  • Slack, a communication app

2018 Awaits

We look forward to the new year, and we thank you for your time, attention, and readership. Here’s to a happy and successful 2018!

This article is for informational purposes only.


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