3 Haunted Properties Available for Purchase

3 Haunted Properties Available for Purchase
October 25, 2016 Pearl Insurance

3 Haunted Properties Available for Purchase

Enter if you dare.

Have you ever conducted a transaction so difficult it made you want to scream? Real estate horror stories happen to the best of us, but imagine trying to sell a house with a real horror story behind it.

Let’s take a walk on the wicked side, and look at three properties haunted by occupants who may never move out.

The Day the Music Died

The Dakota Building — New York

How much would you pay to live with the specter of a Beatle?

Manhattan’s ornate Dakota Building is an apartment complex best known as the final home and assassination site of John Lennon. Years after Lennon’s death, Yoko Ono famously claimed she saw the apparition of her husband poring over his piano. Before vanishing into thin air, he turned to her and said, “Don’t be afraid. I’m still with you.”

Other sightings of Lennon have been reported, but the hauntings don’t stop there.

The Yellow Girl is another ghostly resident, who roams the halls in a dress matching the color of her golden hair. She uses closet doors to enter and exit the physical realm, and she often bounces a bright red ball while wandering through the building.

She was first sighted many decades ago by a group of painters. Upon meeting the startled workers, she declared, “It’s my birthday!” The girl’s ghost might have been angered when no one threw her a party, because one of the painters fell off a scaffolding to his death just a few days later.1

There have been several more spirit sightings within the Dakota Building, so if you’re looking for a ghoulish roommate who refuses to pay their share of the rent, you can grab a room for a few million dollars.2

Till Death Do Us Part

Charming Forge Mansion — Pennsylvania

During the late 1700s, Charming Forge owner and ironmaster Colonel George Ege offered hospitality to a young ward under his care—a woman named Von Neida.

While living at Charming Forge, Von Neida fell in love with a young clerk whose name has been lost to the annals of time.

The clerk returned Von Neida’s feelings and asked George, his boss, for permission to marry his sweetheart. George insisted the clerk first bolster his wealth.

The clerk set out for a long journey on horseback, and he returned months later with a saddlebag of riches. Von Neida watched as her darling approached Charming Forge, and the clerk’s horse reared backward. His head got caught in the reins, and the intense pressure of the leather left him decapitated.

Von Neida spent the rest of her days grieving.

Sightings of the headless corpse have been reported since the accident, as the clerk blindly stumbles across the Charming Forge grounds in search of his lover. And in the upstairs bedroom, the spirit of Von Neida can be heard wailing in the night—forever haunted by the ghost of a marriage she never had.3

If you’re single and looking, Charming Forge can be yours for $850K.4

Eternal Nanny State

Ann Starrett Mansion — Washington

George Starrett was a wealthy contractor. In 1893 he found his other half, Ann, and promptly hired an architect to construct a mansion as a physical representation of their love.

George, Ann, their son Edward, and Edward’s nanny dwelled in the home until their deaths. Starrett descendants continued living in the building up until a few decades ago.

The mansion was eventually turned into a bed and breakfast, where visitors regularly encountered strange phenomena.

A peaceful lady with red hair, believed to be Ann herself, has been sighted many times throughout the years. Sometimes the presence of her beloved George can be sensed as well—but these spirits are welcoming. After 120-plus years of a successful marriage, those seeking relationship advice might want to pay them a visit!

It’s not all ghostly bliss though, as George and Ann aren’t the only entities who rule the roost. Missing the memo that death is a perfectly valid retirement strategy, Edward’s nanny continues her job duties to this day.

If you leave the lights on when exiting a room, prepare for them to flicker off behind you. And don’t even think about being rude—several visitors have been thumped on the head after leaving a mess or badmouthing the establishment.

But the best story comes from a young couple that went for a romantic overnight stay. As the two settled in for the evening, the lights began flickering, and the temperature lowered to a frosty chill. Baffled at the events, they soon understood what was happening when the nightstand Bible flipped open on its own—the nanny disapproved of the unmarried pair sharing a room.5

Given the lifetime of complimentary nanny services, the mansion’s $850K price tag is a steal.6

Departing Thoughts

Keep in mind there are thousands of other ghost stories floating around, and a new tale of terror may be lurking right around the corner. So the next time you’re responsible for a property that refuses to sell, try consulting the clerics—you may just have a hexed home on your hands.

This article is for general information purposes only.

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