Serenity in Sin City

Playing blackjack never gets old—especially with a business card buy-in! We even had a celebrity dealer from the Australian RE/MAX contingent on Wednesday.

2016-0307 RealtyRoadReport-Serenity-001

The silent auction closed today. This annual event once again raised thousands of dollars for the Children’s Miracle Network. Big sellers included a signed Steelers Helmet by Bradshaw, Harris, Stallworth & Swann selling for $1250 and a Stephen Curry Warriors Jersey selling for $1501!

I had a chance to take a nice long walk on the Strip this morning and snapped this tranquil pic outside of the Wynn. I love the serenity of this waterfall in the midst of the craziness of “sin” city.

2016-0307 RealtyRoadReport-Serenity-002

Now, check out the contrast between my morning walk pic and my “Glitter Gulch” adventure with Josh and Brooke later that evening!

2016-0307 RealtyRoadReport-Serenity-003

I have to say that Freemont Street is a must at night, and the best place to people watch. You see a little bit of everything there! It was a surprisingly long cab ride from the MGM though, so be prepared for that fare.

Preparing for the final day of the show concluding another very successful RE/MAX R4 event!!

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