Live from Las Vegas!

Live from Las Vegas!
March 1, 2016 Pearl Insurance

Live from Las Vegas!

Re/Max couldn’t have chosen a better week to be holding their R4 conference at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.  There’s so much to offer at this event! Of course, networking with fellow agents is a given—there are over 6,000 of them here—but you also have the first class program sessions, parties, and the marketplace.

The big opening session was hosted by none other than Jay Leno! Not only did he give us a belly-laughing, non-stop monologue for 30 minutes, but he truly hosted the remainder of the show by interviewing some of the key players (and presenters) for the convention.

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A highlight came with the introduction of Dave Linger. The audience was told that he wasn’t there yet and then we watched a clip of Dave and his service dog, Max, preparing and making the trip to Vegas—complete with being ejected from his customized RE/MAX sports car into the lot at MGM, where two beautiful dancers escorted him into the building and, yes, from the video to the actual stage. What a great entrance!

What were the underlying themes in Jay’s interview with Dave? RE/MAX agents are the best agents in the world. You need a REALTOR® when purchasing real estate. Buyers can’t just look in a catalog of homes to make a purchase. REALTORS® bring knowledge, expertise, and value to the equation, and RE/MAX has experienced agents who can do that and do it well.

An interesting takeaway for me was learning the mantra of many great companies is that customers are their second most important connection. That’s because if you hire great people, they inherently know how to treat people well and will take great care of the customer. When you have great a team of really great people, the customers will follow. That’s what RE/MAX does.

Some interesting facts from the presentation include:

  • In 2015, RE/MAX posted 1.5 million transactions worldwide
  • In 2015, RE/MAX topped 100,000 agents worldwide—with 16 consecutive quarters of agent growth
  • RE/MAX has more top agents on Real Trends
  • RE/MAX is #1 in top brand awareness
  • Franchise Times voted RE/MAX the #1 real estate brand, and they’re even #12 throughout all franchises, including the likes of Marriott and Subway

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Geoff Lewis, President of RE/MAX, again stressed the importance of the real estate agent, who is central to the transaction. With new technology emerging daily, the agent will still be central and should always strive to stay relevant to the transaction. Technology will assist in the agents’ efforts.

Geoff also talked about the quality of the RE/MAX, website which generates leads for agents. I was really surprised to hear that their leads are passed on to agents at no charge—yep, free! Very impressive. I had the good fortune to meet Geoff later that night at the welcome party, which was held at Hakkasan, the upscale nightclub at the MGM. The place quickly became packed with lively RE/MAX agents. I doubt the club has hosted so many baby boomers before, and we all had a blast. Great food, music, and company.

Looking forward to another day packed with networking and valuable information…and maybe a little fun on the side!